“You don’t have to pay much to sell more”

“providing a promotional service for companies producing quality products for consumers to enrich their lives with self-reliance.”

For who

Our service is meant for those businesses who:

  • seek expansion in for them unexplored or as of yet unsuccessful markets in Europe
  • rather relocate the funds to pay the cost of one or multiple FTE
  • understand the value of building relationships with their resellers, and realize one-size doesn’t-fit-all so are willing to adapt their approach
  • create innovative products that have a meaningful impact on their users’ lives.
  • have quality to the highest standard and strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience.
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About us

Waterpaard was born out of a deep-rooted desire to offer quality service in a way that resonates with our core values. We believe that true profit is not gained in quick and misleading tactics, but a long term strategy of honest communication providing unbiased data to the reseller, and in turn the consumer. This will truly add value to their lives and ensure a good seller-buyer relation.

Our mission is to give power back to the consumer in the form of self-reliance, to make them less dependent and more confident to deal with the challenges of life. We will do so by only promoting products that undergo our quality assurance through unbiased testing. If they pass, and the client provides an honest proposition, we will help them spread the word.

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For who?

The problems we solve:

Often, as a new startup company, there is already a larger competitor to contest. An established name and brand, that already has the shelf space and sales generating income giving them power to drop prices or sway resellers with discounts. Even an inferior product can remain market leader this way. So how do you compete? Bet big, take loans and invest much money to either sink or swim? Play the same game and try to beat Goliath with pure muscle, not your wit?

Waterpaard diversifies by maintaining strong relations with your resellers. Large businesses only speak with the owner, we do too but also get one-on-one time with the employee in the store. Their main issue is that they do not know the specifications of all the products in the store. We make sure they do about yours.

To have a dedicated employee, loyal to you and only exercising his talents for your brand is of course a valuable asset to your business. If the target market merits the investment, for larger companies we see many benefits of employing their own sales reps. For smaller companies however, these benefits are often out of reach due to cost. And what about the road to acquiring a good representative? And once you find them, what about added costs for example car leasing and travel expenses?

As freelancers we do not suffer from large overhead cost. You are spared all the additional cost and worry of hiring and maintaining personnel. The only time you pay is when actual work is being done for you. We know the cost of 1FTE doing this, and promise you you will pay but a fraction of the cost for similar or better service.

Less developed markets in Europe may not be worth the effort initially since the challenges outweigh the benefits for each individual country. Besides few sales outlets per country there are challenges like different languages, currency and difficult borders. To approach them separately and create good business relations with the important players in the market, will be costly and time-consuming.

In our previous years working in the industry we have built a strong network and a reliable reputation. There is no need for introductions, we can directly apply our skill in building your brand in our unique network spanning across eleven countries in east and southeast Europe. So our clients can focus their efforts on the larger country markets that merit larger investments, and we will supplement their turnover and establish them in the markets that in time will grow and deliver substantial returns. Also, your competitors will spend less time here so you can establish your brand while the market is young, and maintain your position as it grows.

The last decades have seen a massive increase in the amount of advertisements a person is subjected to per day. On average 5.000 a day. How to distinguish yourself between those masses of communications? And how to go from getting noticed, to gain a buyer?

We will focus our efforts on key moments in the year just before the shop experiences customer influx to make sure the shared knowledge is not lost and put into practice instantly. Also the reseller appreciates the attention they receive from your brand. Because at the end of the day, we remain human and what is valued more than personal approach and attention in this ever more digital world..?

If you’ve ever been in the sales outlets you will know the staggering amount of products on display. For the sales employees it is too much to study them all by heart, nor are they incentivised to do so. They usually stick to what they know, or know most about.

By creative forms of communication we will make a more lasting impression and inform them about the details of your products, based on the customer requests or problems they receive from their circle. By repetitive visits we make sure your product is first to come to mind if any specific request or problem is presented.

“would you like to know more”

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About Us

Bart Lunenburg

Bart Lunenburg is the owner and founder of this company. His professional path has led him through many challenges all adding to his experience. His roots are in the army, growth came through travel and now he blooms as an independent sales agent getting his message out to the public. His core values are freedom of expression, honest communication and conduct of mutual respect. This is the influence he projects through his efforts helping honest businesses reach their customers with quality products to enrich their lives with self-reliance and make a positive impact on our environment.

The name Waterpaard is derived from the word Hydroponics which is formed from ‘hydro-,’ which means ‘water’ in Greek, and ‘-ponics.’ from the Greek word ‘ponein’ which means to ‘toil, labor.’

We were inspired by the Czech translation which is Hydroponie, applied a play on words while translating to Dutch so ‘Hydro’ became ‘Water’ and ‘ponie’ became ‘paard’.

Retaining our playful approach, we present ourselves as our logo depicts:

  • A trusty steed; work horse; means to increase ones mobility and range;
  • Wave of water pushes your business forward towards success; water is essential for life, it is pure and transparent; it easily adapts to its environment.

Working territory

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Why Us?

  • We founded this company based on a freelance model with affiliated experts for support in their respected fields. This means no one is being paid unless they are working on your campaign.
  • We know the market and we have the network already in place. Our ability to create and maintain our network is one of the pillars on which this company is based and we will keep building this network to your benefit.
  • We are transparent, we work with fixed prices to our clients so you will have control over your expenses. We will renegotiate our deal each year to ensure your satisfaction and give you an easy opt-out.
  • We are fair, and don’t expect profit when targets are not met so we offer an optional no-cure-no-pay component to our price.
  • We are independent, and our network relies on our quality assurance which is paramount to the continuation of our company.


  • We know how to sell. Eleven years of experience in various commercial roles provides us with in-depth knowledge of communication skills and the art of persuasion. Combined with experience of having travelled the globe, conversing with people from all walks of life created a broad spectrum as a sparring partner.


  • We take ownership as an entrepreneur and will go above and beyond to turn your campaign into a success. Because it will reflect our success. Fueled by a burning desire to gain freedom through entrepreneurship is the driving force behind Waterpaard.

“From an early age we humans love a good story. As science proves, the best way to gain someone’s attention and remain in their recollection is by repetitive, captivating narrative mixed with emotion.

Especially if it solves a problem the listener has.

We need our clients to solve the problem, let us tell the story.”

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For more information about our service and how our business concepts may benefit eachother, feel free to send an email to us and we will reply as soon as we can. Thank you for your consideration and we wish you a great and successful day in business!